15 Helpful Tips For Making An Easier Move

I’ve really been diving into information about moving lately and I’ve got so much on my mind. As you may know, I am in the process of starting my own moving business am looking into all the information I can.

I came across plenty of helping moving tips that I thought would be great for sharing, so here’s a list of 15 helpful moving tips that can help your move be smooth.

1. Get Started ASAP

Getting started early is a great idea. If you know you are going to be moving in about three months, do not wait to pack. Go ahead and start getting boxes, tape, labels, and even decide the type of movers you want to go with. Not everyone decides to have a moving business help them out, but it does come in handy when you have all those heavy boxes and furniture.

2. Pick the Right Vehicle

If you went with the movers, they will help you pick the right type of vehicle for your things. If you chose to go the solo route, you want to get a truck with enough room. You also will not want your things rolling around in the back so you want to get one that will neatly fit all of your possessions. Try not to get a vehicle with an open back, like a truck. If you are going a long way, you never know what kind of weather you will run into.

3. Take Inventory of Each Room

If you decided to get movers, this really helps out. Sometimes you can get movers that will pack your things for you in a more professional way. Taking inventory lets you know how many boxes you will need, what type of boxes, and even help with picking your vehicle type. There are also those FEW dishonest people that work for movers. The inventory will let them know you know what will be missing.

4. Confirm Your Route

Make sure you pick a good route to your new home. If it is not far away, you should not have a big problem. When the house is further away, things get a little harder. Picking a good route is very important. You do not want to be going through a downtown area during rush hour. See how long it will take to get there and try to pick routes with lesser traffic. Though you do not want to pick nothing but back roads either. They are easy to get lost on even with a GPS and the roads are sometimes thinner and unsafe for larger vehicle such as a moving truck.

5. Inform the Movers Whenever Possible

If you change anything in your plans, you need to inform your movers. Especially if you change plans while driving. Keeping them in the loop of things will help out and make sure that the vehicles stay together. Informing your movers of fragile items is an important thing to do as well. The more they know how important something is to you, the more they will take care of it in the end. Keeping them informed will make the move go a lot faster too.

6. Mark Boxes Properly with Labels

Labels are very important on boxes. You need to know what is in there and what room it needs to go in. This will help the moving in process too since things will go a lot faster. If you do not label things (at least which room it goes in) then you would have to open the boxes to see where they go. Labeling them fragile also helps the movers know to be careful. It even helps you. You do not want to throw the box of Christmas Ornaments into the truck under a box of books.

7. Put Together a Driving Bag List

If you are going to be driving a long way, you need to make sure you bring a driving bag with you. You do not want to pack your cellphone charger int the moving truck. Make sure to bring some essentials like tissues, hand sanitizer, and things along those lines. Bring an extra pair of clothing as well, you never know what you will encounter especially with kids and pets. It is easy to forget the things you will need in you driving bag so make a list of those things. That way you are sure to not forget anything.

8. Wear the Proper Clothing

Wearing a pair of jeans may be great for when you are packing things, but wearing them while you are driving a long ways can be uncomfortable. When packing your things in the truck, you will want to wear something sturdy and comfortable. Wearing clothes you do not care to get dirty helps as well. When you are actually on the move, you want to wear really comfortable clothes since you may be driving a long ways. Wearing some sweatpants can be comfortable on a long drive.

9. Be There When They Are Packing Your Things

You may want to be there when the movers are packing your things into boxes or the truck. They are professionals, but sometimes they may be manned by careless people. You shouldn’t be looking over their shoulder every second, but just check in on them. This also helps so you can tell them what boxes should go in what vehicles. You may have a box that you want with you so make sure they do not pack it in the moving truck.

10. Make Sure Personal and Important Documents and Items Are With You

Those boxes that you may want with you will more than likely be your important things. You should probably honestly pack these boxes yourself and place them in the proper vehicle. You should know where the important documents (ie. birth certificates, deeds, or other things) are at all times. They are not things that should be lost or stolen. Your jewelry and other important items should also be in boxes that go with you.

11. Re-use Boxes

If you are in the process of moving and have to take multiple trips (in these cases the places are closer together) then you should re-use the boxes you have unpacked. This helps out with any extra costs. Just make sure to re-label them and mark out the older labels.

12. Get Pets and Children Ready for the Move

If you have pets or children, you should prepare them for the move. Children are easier to move than pets, mostly because they can tell you want they need. You can easily satisfy them with giving them snacks and putting in a DVD (you should a computer or some device to watch something on for a long drive). They will more than likely pass out if they are younger or listen to their music if they are older.
Pets are harder since they can not exactly tell you when they are hot, hungry, or need to use the restroom. The only clues they give us are the meows and barks they will make along the way. Dogs are easier to move than cats since you can stop the vehicle and walk them around. They are less timid to human interaction and could openly eat and drink there as well. The cat would more timid and afraid to even come out. If it is a long drive you should stop for a while so the cat can get its bearings and be less confused. You probably will not have to stop as much with a cat than a dog.

13. Clean the Old Place

Cleaning your old place is just courtesy (and required for apartments and condos). You do not have to clean every corner, but you should clean the wood floors, vacuum the carpets, clean the bathrooms, and kitchen appliances. You do not want the new occupant thinking you were pig.

14. Check For Anything You May Have Left Behind

While you are cleaning, you should look for anything you may have left behind. You probably did not see your sons action figure until you cleaned under the kitchen cabinets. You also may have not seen the earring laying in the bathroom floor either. I know when I leave a hotel, I check in every drawer (even if I did not open it) and under the beds. It is just good practice so you never leave things behind.

15. Pay and Tip the Movers

Even if the movers are friends or family, you need to pay and tip them. Tipping a moving company will let them know how great a job they did. Sometimes tipping beforehand will make them do an even better job. If you got your friends or family members to help you out, you should pay them for their trouble and at least tip them by treating them to a good dinner. I know sometimes people will tip movers with meals along the route they take.