7 Essential Packing Tips for a Smoother Move

Packing up your entire life into a bunch of moving boxes can be terribly stressful in itself. Knowing how to pack things so they are at their safest can be quite beneficial, and save a lot of time and frustration.

Here are 7 packing tips that will help make your move much easier, and your belongings even more safe and secure.

1.) Use the right size boxes

Believe it or not, using unfitting boxes can make moving your belongings more difficult for you and the movers. Rather than using big boxes for heavy items, use a smaller packaging for better leverage. Instead, use larger boxes for lighter items such as linens, bedding, towels, clothing, etc.

2.) Pack heavier items on the bottom, and lighter ones on the top

This may sound like common sense, but many people decide that it works better to for some reason put the lighter items on the bottom. To keep your belongings the best protected, consider this more logical approach.

3.) Avoid wasting space inside your moving boxes

Loosely packed boxes are more prone to damage, so try filling in the blank spaces will linens or towels.

4.) Tape boxes well

The most crucial places you want to make sure are taped are the top seams and of course, the bottom. Don’t get too carried away though, a couple of wraps around your boxes will do.

5.) Label each box with a destination and description

Of course your boxes will all be going to the same place, but labeling them by room helps you get a lot more organized. A good way to really keep inventory of your boxes is to label them with numbers and keep a list, so you can keep all of your boxes of belongings accounted for.

6.) Avoid item mixing

Try to keep the belongings from each room organized in it’s own box, and avoid mixing different items from different rooms together to keep your move quicker and easier.

7.) Protect your breakables

To really keep your delicate items protected, wrap each in newspaper and then bundle four or five of them together in more paper. Dishes should never be packed laying down flatly, but instead on their side, and cups and bowls can be placed inside one another with bunches of paper in between, and wrapped together again in bundles of three or four.

Framed pictures and artworks can be wrapped in paper with pieces of cardboard in between them for the best protection.