8 Types of Boxes to Best Suit Your Move

When it comes to moving, you want to get the right supplies. Getting free boxes from the local grocery store is nice, but you want boxes that are going to be durable. So here is a guide for those on budget and those who do not really care.

For Those on a Budget

Getting free boxes from a retail store is a really good idea, but you need to know what kind of boxes to get.

Tide Boxes

Asking for boxes that carry laundry detergent is a really good idea. In some cases these boxes have handles and they are also very strong boxes. They would be best for books and heavier items. Asking for these can be tricky since they are not items that are stocked every single day. Make sure to ask in advance.

Banana (and other fruit) Boxes

These are boxes that they will most likely have if you are in a pinch. Fruit is stocked everyday so they are easy to get a hold of. These are not boxes you want to use for really heavy items or your breakables. They have a hole on the top and bottom, so get something long to cover it.

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