How to Practically Pack Your Boxes When Moving

Moving can require a lot of packing, and sometimes it can be hard to pack certain items into boxes of different sizes, especially when you are in a rush or moving for the very first time.

There is no right or wrong way to pack your boxes when moving, although some ways work more efficiently than others. The following video will give you a list of packing tips to follow when preparing for a move.

Packing Tips

  1.  Avoid packing smaller items into large boxes but if necessary, fill the loose areas with balled up pieces of newspaper or linens.
  2. Pack large items into boxes that are tightly fitting rather than in a large box with areas of empty space. Not only will this protect your item better, but it will be easier for the movers to pick up and carry.
  3. Keep items grouped together by room.
  4. Label your boxes by room, and write the name of the person’s room on the box.
  5. Don’t get carried away with taping your boxes closed. Two layers is usually enough.

We hope you have found this article to be helpful, and wish you good luck on your moving day.

How To Handle a Septic Tank Emergency During Moving Time

It’s bad enough if your septic tank decides to break on you at all, but during moving time? Come on! Like there’s not already enough stress that comes along with moving anyways!

This isn’t the most common situation, but it has been known to happen to a few unlucky people.

This article will be here if you need it, and can help solve your septic disaster with as little added stress as possible; even if you aren’t in such a drastic need for a septic tank service.

Here are 4 Tips to Consider When a Septic Tank Services Becomes Necessary

1.) Calm down and take a deep breath

A broken septic tank can cause a big mess, and you are probably nowhere near qualified to tackle the situation on your own. Not that you would probably want to do it anywhere, amiright?

2.) Call a local septic tank company to come out to your home

This may sound super obvious, but not all companies that claim to be septic tank repair experts, ARE NOT in fact experts. Septic repair can be a big job and requires the proper knowledge, permits, and care of the surrounding environment.

The last thing you need before you move out of your home is to hire a shady septic service that leaves a giant mess on your lawn. “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

3.) Do your research first

You know you need to call a septic company, but don’t know how to tell who does the best job at a reasonable rate. You’re already spending money on movers more than likely, so the last thing you probably need is another huge bill along the way.

Use the internet to check all of the companies in the areas reviews on popular third-party review websites like Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, and even Facebook. These can say a lot about a company not to mention, you get to see the levels of satisfaction of their previous and even most recent customers.

4.) Make Your You’re Getting the Best Rate

Some companies sometimes charge more than others in the area because they don’t have the same volume of business, therefore, they have to make up for it with their prices.

If you really want the best deal on the price you pay for your septic tank repair service, then your best bet is to call all of the companies in the area before deciding one to officially go with.

Final Steps for Your Septic Needs

No one wants to half to think about what’s wrong with their septic tank, so it’s always a good idea to just give a professional a call so save time, and possibly more money.

And who knows? Maybe the problem will just be that you need a septic tank pumping rather than repair.

That would certainly save you a lot more time, money, and overall trouble.


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Tips for Finding a Top Notch Moving Company

People are making moves all over the country, all the time. Because of this, more moving companies are popping up, which can mean more due diligence for consumers that want the best service bang for their buck.

In this guide, we want to present some of the important things to look for when it comes to finding a good moving company in your area. Keep these things in mind, and you should have a more simple, and stress-free time finding the best fit for your situation.

  • Check for company reviews online on important websites such as Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, Google +, SuperPages, WhitePages, YellowPages, and the BBB. The more of these sites you visit for information, the more of a variety of reviews you can see. Fake reviews are common these days, so it’s important to get your information from multiple sources.
  • Read about them on their website. Many companies will have an ‘about’ page that tells how long they have been in business, where their location is, and other various pieces of information that could be of value to your search.
  • Call the company to see how they treat you. If a moving company can’t help you very well on the phone, they may be the same when it comes to the actual moving process.

These are 3 of the best ways to make sure a moving company is legitimate. On top of them, there are other things to consider when it comes to choosing a company.

  1. Never pay a large deposit. If the company is reputable, they won’t ask for the money in advance unless it is a big moving project.
  2. Get referrals. Friends and family can be a great source for recommendations, but so can those than come from the American Moving and Storage Association, which provides list of reputable movers in different areas of the country.
  3. Watch for Hidden Fees. If you are moving into a difficult area such as apartment with several floors, you may end up being charged for negotiations with stairs and elevators.
  4. Be Sure That the Company is Insured. If the moving company you hire breaks, drops, or damages something and are not insured, the may not be held liable. Make sure the company of your choice is insured so that your belonging can also be.

7 Mighty Tips for Moving With Pets

Moving with pets can be very difficult. They are our furry friends and we do not want them to get uncomfortable along the way. So here some tips on how to move them easier. They may still be uncomfortable, but we can always make it as comfortable as possible.

1. Inform Your Vet
Let your vet know that you are moving to a new area. They may know who to recommend to you. They can also give you any vet records that there are and make sure your pet is up on their shots. If your furry friend gets car sick, the vet can give them something for that as well.

2. Update Tags
Update any tags you have on the pet. If they do not have tags, it is best to get some at this point. Make sure to put your cell phone number on the tag so it is easier to get a hold of you. Keeping the tags on after the move is best as well. People do not know you yet or your pets, this way they can get a hold of you if your furry friend gets lost.

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Moving Tips to Help You Keep Organized

Moving is one of the most stressful things a person can do in life. Stay organized before, after, and along the way can make things much easier for yourself and your family, and even reduce stress.

Top Video Tips

  • Create a map for the movers that shows where they go
  • Put furniture directly in the room it is going to stay in
  • Color code boxes by your own system, or label the boxes by room
  • Unpack only one box at a time
  • Line boxes up against the wall in the room they go in, and have them facing the same direction so you can see the label of what is in each box
  • Know which room should be unpacked first (i.e kitchen and bathroom)
  • Pack appropriately – don’t over or under pack
  • Schedule in advance the time it is going to take you to pack and un pack; do rooms in order of importance
  • Don’t try to do too much at once; don’t be overwhelmed, you are on a set and planned schedule
  • Work together in an assembly line; make sure everyone knows their responsibilities