7 Mighty Tips for Moving With Pets

Moving with pets can be very difficult. They are our furry friends and we do not want them to get uncomfortable along the way. So here some tips on how to move them easier. They may still be uncomfortable, but we can always make it as comfortable as possible.

1. Inform Your Vet
Let your vet know that you areĀ moving to a new area. They may know who to recommend to you. They can also give you any vet records that there are and make sure your pet is up on their shots. If your furry friend gets car sick, the vet can give them something for that as well.

2. Update Tags
Update any tags you have on the pet. If they do not have tags, it is best to get some at this point. Make sure to put your cell phone number on the tag so it is easier to get a hold of you. Keeping the tags on after the move is best as well. People do not know you yet or your pets, this way they can get a hold of you if your furry friend gets lost.

3. Prepare a Furry Friend Kit
Bring a small bag for your pet as well. Keep food, water, and other things in there that can make them more comfortable along the journey. Cats may be too scared to do much, but they will be fine for up to ten hours with no bathroom.

4. Secure Your Pets
Your cat should be in a hard covered caged as well as smaller dogs. Medium and larger dogs can be out, but should be on a leash and secured in somehow. When you are getting out with your pets, make sure to have your dogs on a leash. With cats, its best to let them run around the car for a minute while you are not opening any doors.

5. Take Your Pet in Your Vehicle
They will be familiar with your smell, so it is best to take them in your own car. This will make the ride a little more ‘safer’ for them.

6. Make Sure They Are Last To Go
Make sure the pet is one of the last things to leave the old house. Having the new house pretty much set up will make it easier for them to get use to it. They will be able to see where everything will be and where they can have a hiding place at.

7. Comfy Car
Make sure the temperature is a good level for the pet and that they are not getting to hot. Remember, they do not have sweat glands like us and get hotter much quicker. Make sure to stop and give them water or anything that they need so they do not pass out.